Hardwater/Top up Instructions

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Dissolve 1 bag of Grow or Bloom in 4L hot water——> pH 2.75-3.00
Add pH up until solution pH rises to pH 5.75-6.0, about 50ml-100ml depending on pH up strength. It doesn’t matter what the strength of the pH up is, or the amount you need to add, as long as the 4L solution concentrate is between 5.75-6.00 using a pH pen.

This solution is strongly buffered and will adjust your RO or hard water immediately to around 6.0-6.5.

If you want a lower final pH e.g.. 5.5-6.0 raise pH as outlined above to 5.25-5.5.

Even if you have to do a midweek top up, the solution will adjust automatically to around 6 no matter the pH of the nutrient tank and also add ppm’s.

The concentrate will most likely buffer any other nutrient system in a mid week top up and add ppm’s.

Once concentrate is made put in bottle and seal. Make as needed.

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