Straight Grow & Bloom is available in water-soluble sachets, or in bulk.

Dosing with the sachets is as easy as it could be – just throw as many as you need (1 sachet per 20L of water) in an empty tank and top up with water while agitating.

The Plant-a-lot Straight Grow sachet weighs about 20g and will add 1.1 EC to the initial EC of the water.

The Plant-a-lot Straight Bloom sachet weighs about 30g and will add 1.6 EC to the initial EC of the water.

For custom EC values and bulk application, follow the table below:

Plant-a-lot Straight Grow The Plant-a-lot Straight Bloom
grams / 100L EC grams / 100L EC
50 0.6 130 1.4
60 0.7 140 1.5
70 0.8 150 1.6
80 0.9 160 1.7
90 1 170 1.8
100 1.1 180 1.9
110 1.2 190 2.0
120 1.3 200 2.1


pH & hardness

Plant-a-lot Straight Grow and Bloom is formulated for medium hardness water of (EC of 0.4-0.6) and the recommended dosages give the perfect pH value.

However, if RO water is used, then the solution will have a lower pH, and should be adjusted accordingly.

And if the water has a higher initial EC value, the solution will also have a higher than perfect pH.

Working with concentrate

To reach the perfect pH value with RO or very hard water, or to use Plant-a-lot Straight Grow and Bloom with an automated dosing system, the grower can prepare a concentrate which can be further diluted.

For the concentrate, a sachet is first dissolved in about 500ml of hot water.

The pH of this concentrate should be about 2.75-3.

For RO water the pH of this concentrate should be brought to pH 5.75-6.0 by adding pH-up.

Now the concentrate is strongly buffered, and can be used with RO water, or just to increase the EC of the working solution while keeping pH-perfect values.

If this concentrate is to be stored for longer periods, it should be in sealed containers.

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